Medical Collections & Receivables Reporting


Capital Services is geared for hospital accounts with our multi database scrubbing, and knowledge base Unified Contact Series. We will obtain the fastest path to reimbursement from your patients and help them resolve their account in a friendly complaint free environment. Then we educate patients about their insurance and why they have an outstanding balance. We typically recover 39% more than a traditional collection agency because our agents and A.I. chatbots work with your patients to create a resolution, not just force collection.


When accounts are 75 days or more past-due we locate and contact right party payor’s and help negotiate a resolution for outstanding balances on their true self-pay balances or insurance billing needs. If the patient refuses to pay or requires a more aggressive approach, we provide legal services to resolve the account amicably.

Receiveable Reporting

Capital Services offers standardized reporting or customized reporting to fulfill the providers needs. Reports are offered on an automated predefined schedule or ad-hoc.

These accounts are best submitted to Capital Services on day 60 if you choose not Pre-collect. Capital Services will represent your Hospital as a third party collection agency. We will send demand letters, make calls, and negotiate payment in full. We understand your patients are important to you. So we act on your behalf with professionalism and consistency. Accounts that refuse to pay can be sent to credit bureaus and submit to our legal department for asset searches and arbitration. Patients that express a genuine interest in resolving there debt but lack the resources to pay the balance in full will be provided options for a payment plan. We prefer to collect the maximum amount of revenue in the shortest period of time so our payment programs are favorable to your practice.

The relationship between a medical provider and its patient is special. It is our agency’s goal to always honor that relationship, yet obtain more than satisfactory results. Capital Service takes a different approach when handling patients. We first ask how we can help them, then we educate patients about their account and insurance and why they have an outstanding balance. Capital Services will typically recovery 39% more than a traditional collection agency because our agency’s work with patients to create a resolution, not just force an action.

Medical Facilities We Service

  • Hospital Systems
  • Digestive Health Specialists
  • Medical Groups
  • Medical Billing Companies
  • Ambulance Companies
  • Surgery Centers

Hospital Services Billing and Collecting Experience

  • Emergency Physician Services
  • Gastroenterology
  • Pathology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Laboratory & Diagnostic


Our standards for account recovery are with the patient in mind. We are sensitive to the nature of every patient billing situation and are familiar with Hospital procedures. Capital Services customers experience very few patient complaints working with us. We believe in helping your patients resolve their obligations responsibly by providing alternative solutions to resolve accounts whenever possible.


Capital Services complies with local and national FDCPA and HIPAA collection guidelines.


Capital Services does not create complaints. We are unlike traditional collection services and do not call patients excessively. We use our system to motivate your patients to communicate. Any point in the recovery process your patient can stop our actions and workout a manageable payment plan.

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