Extended Business Office Services

Capital Services provides technology to support your billing, ERP, and service your consumers in the way they prefer. Whether it is in a self-service portal or speaking with a CSA, we can help meet your EBO needs. Our software allows us to integrate with your practice and be a true extension of your operations.


Technology solutions plays a significant role in compliance and recovery efforts for our clients' placements. Here, at Capital Services, we are committed to utilizing the best in industry technology for our clients, and are constantly reviewing and making advancements to provide supreme results for the clients we serve. Today’s fast pace Business world requires fully integrated technology solution full control to make sure your collection process is compliant on every interaction. Capital Services alliance with Quantrax's intelligent expert system allows our agency to remain on the cutting edge of innovation for our clients. Capital Services offers fully integrated Collection Database, Dialer, phones and A.I. Chatbots.


The RMEx collection software provides many standard industry reports to meet the needs of our clients. If needed, reports can be customized to meet the specific need of ANY CLIENT. Listed below are some of the common collection reports we can provide.

Physical reports can be provided with the statements, by email, encrypted email or placed on a FTP server. Electronic reports can be formatted many ways including but not limited to .xls, .csv, .txt and .pdf.


Capital Services uses RMEx, Receivables Management Expert by Quantrax. Capital Services is currently on the most recent updated version of this software. Our collections have directly benefited from Quantrax’s exposure to its Healthcare partners, giving Quantrax the ability to solve many issues before most collection agencies and their collection software even recognized a problem existed. RMEx allows Capital Services to customize every level of the collection process to meet the specific needs of the client.

Quantrax has had an expert system (Intelligent Software) for many years. At this time we are able to be fully compliant with all the CFPBs purposed rules for the debt collection industry while our competitors and their database provider are taking a 'wait and see' approach in updating their products. The difference between our collection software and other products is hard to describe in a proposal, but if you want to learn more, the details are available on Quantrax’s website www.quantrax.com.

Dialer & A.I. ChatBot (ALEX)

Capital Services uses Quantrax’s integrated ITEL dialer power by TCN. While the value of an automated dialer can not be disputed, it is the manner in which it is integrated with your collection system that determines its effectiveness. With I-Tel, there is a “real-time” link between dialer and RMEx. This allows Capital Services dialer the ability to meet the strict calling and attempt guidelines requirements of the CFPB for the collection industry. The ITEL dialer powered by TCN provides their robust benefits of inbound call queuing, Voice Analytics, Manually Approver Calling, and reporting.

While the ITEL works seamlessly with RMEx, it also has a direct connection to Capital Service A.I. Chatbot (ALEX). ALEX is more then a simple IVR, Rather ALEX is a fully integrated intelligent, virtual collection agent that can help 24x7 with balance inquiry, naming the creditors owed, asking for insurance information or handling a dispute, ALEX can respond intelligently, asking questions and notating accounts real-time with the skill and knowledge of a mid-level collection agent. ALEX has the ability to have conversations in multiple languages by phone, or web access. ALEX is also able to be customized to the client’s specific needs. This technology is boundless, and while ALEX is still in its infancy, will continue to grow and expand its abilities in the future.


  • Patients can Make Payments by Phone Without a Collection Advocate
  • Patients can make a Payment Online
  • All Phone Numbers are Verified
  • Greatly reduce days in collections and increase cash flow


Capital Services’ Technology infrastructure includes the security of IBM Power Systems private Cloud environment with AWS, to ensure that we are as productive, efficient and effective as possible for our clients. Capital Services Data Center Properties provide 24x7 comprehensive security monitoring of our redundant private cloud environments to ensure that your data is secure while giving the benefits of peak performance, improved up time and disaster recovery solutions. The Cloud’s flexibility assures Capital Services can remain effective under all conditions. Our IBM Cloud is hosted on-net with AWS cloud regions in US-East-1 and US-West-1 by Connectria according to their compliance audits and certificates. This with the addition of Microsoft Azure Cloud, Capital Services offers our clients the data security requirements of HIPAA and the HITECH Act while protecting the privacy of PHI and other data.

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